Media Information

The Funding Corporation is happy to assist journalists from recognised media who are preparing items related to our business specialism

 Recent TFC news stories can be found in print and in on-line publications across a range of business and consumer titles.

Do you wish to contact TFC regarding a media opportunity?

If you wish to contact TFC regarding a media opportunity, please email

Do you wish to report a concern about something in the media?

If something relating to The Funding Corporation has been published online or in print, whether positive or negative, and you wish to bring this to our attention, please email

Don’t forget to include a link to the website or web page if the information appears online. Or if the information is in print, please let us know where it appeared and on what date.

 We value your feedback.

Do you have a general media enquiry?

 If you wish to contact TFC regarding a general media enquiry, please email