Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values sit at the heart of all we do, and underpin our business culture


The Funding Corporation’s people unite under one common vision:

“Remarkable People Delivering Exceptional Experiences to all Our Customers”


And this vision is supported by our five core values:

Respect & Recognition

Bestow a sense of worth upon the people and environment around you. Identify and acknowledge a job well done, and provide credit where it’s due.


ExcellenceStrive for perfection by being the best you can possibly be and encourage those around you to follow.


AccountabilityTake ownership of and be responsible for your attitude, behaviour, performance and decisions.


CommunicationMake news, views and information known to inform decisions and play an active part.


HonestyBe fair, truthful and sincere in all you do and accept nothing less from others.


These behaviours are not just considered desirable: we insist upon them. And every employee at TFC is encouraged and supported to enact our vision at all times.